The Importance of Regular Vehicle Services

Front Wheel Drive Suspension
A regular car service is essential for the maintenance and upkeep of any vehicle, pre-empting and fixing problems before they become too damaging. Servicing your vehicle regularly will highlight problems and parts that will soon need replacing to ensure your car runs smoothly. There are many more reasons why you should have a regular car service.

Keep Ownership Cost-Effective

It is far more cost-effective to pay for regular servicing and minor repairs. Avoiding them can result in more serious issues and higher costs in the long run to make such repairs, in some cases even requiring you to buy a new vehicle.
There are other cost implications of not having a regular car service. In some instances, car insurance can be invalidated, as if your car breaks down but it could have been prevented by having a car service that was long overdue and would have pointed out these potential issues, insurers may refuse to pay out. This further increases the costs of ownership.

Maintain Fuel Efficiency

Vehicles that undergo regular servicing generally have a much better fuel economy. This is because cars which haven't been serviced won't be running at their most efficient. Small things such as needing an oil change, to larger issues like a faulty exhaust, all impact upon the fuel consumption of a vehicle.

Some checks like tyre pressure and fluid levels can be easily checked yourself, but a service adds that extra peace of mind. With a regular service, such problems will be picked out and can be acted upon to ensure the vehicle is running at its most efficient. This will also save you money with an improved fuel economy.

Improve Safety

Vital vehicle parts and components which you cannot check yourself are carried out with a car service to make sure it is as safe as can be. Aspects such as the braking system, suspension and other engine parts will all be tested and any necessary repairs highlighted.

Especially for older vehicles, which are more at risk of mechanical faults due to increased wear and tear, servicing is essential for car safety. Many problems can easily go undetected, with engine deterioration usually hard to spot unless something major goes wrong. Therefore, to improve your car safety, regular services are a must.
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